Two Wins this weekend but Wednesday’s 20/20 is cancelled

Banbury won both matches this weekend against Potters Bar in the HCPL and Barnt Green in the ECB National Club Championship, but Wednesday’s clash with Bicester is cancelled as the Cherwell League club cannot raise a side, Banbury advance to the next round.

Saturday’s win saw Ant Bullick pick up his first league 5 fer for the club and there were key contributions from Luke Ryan (4-45 & 21), Damo Shirazi (56), Simon Hole (42) and Ian Hawtin (35).

At Birmingham Premier League side Barnt Green on Sunday Ian Tew’s composed 78 not out saw Banbury chase the host’s 211. Shirazi again made a telling contribution picking up 4 for 39 before making 35 in an opening stand of 64 with Tew. Shahbaz Ali batted brilliantly for a run a ball 44 before he was unlucky to be adjudged caught at the wicket. Earlier Banbury had looked a professional outfit in the field, working hard as a unit and each bowler called upon bowling well.

Banbury who will travel to Walmley on June 14th in round 3 have also advanced to round 2 of the National Club Twenty20 by virtue of a walk over in the game v Bicester due to be played this Wednesday. They will host the winners of Burnham v Beaconsfield on the 24th June.

BANBURY  V  POTTERS BAR    –     SAT  23rd MAY 09

BANBURY  25 pts  BEAT  POTTERS BAR  5 pts  BY  75 RUNS

Innings of Banbury

D.Shirazi                      LBW                            W.Van Der Maat                     56

I.Tew                           ct.J.Norman                 C.Lagana                                 8

C.Haupt                       bowled                         T.Sikandar                               13

S.Hole                          ct.M.Palmer                 C.Lagana                                 42

S.Ali                             ct.D.Breeze                  S.Khalid                                   13

A.Bullick                      LBW                            C.Lagana                                 0

L.Ryan                         bowled                         C.Lagana                                 21

I.Hawtin  * +                ct.N.Jeyaratnam           S.Khalid                                   35

E.Smith                        not out                                                                          8

J.Faruq                         ct.N.Jeyaratnam           D.Khalid                                  0

J.Phillips                       not out                                                                          1

                        Extras:              b-6, lb-8, nb-4, w-4.                                        22       

                        TOTAL               66  overs           9  wickets                           219


Bowling of Potters Bar

C.Lagana  23-6-76-4,  T.Sikandar  12-3-32-1,  S.Khalid  28-2-77-3,  W.van der Maat 3-0-20-1.


Innings of Potters Bar

S.Gale  *                      ct.J.Faruq                     A.Bullick                                  19

N.Jeyaratnam               ct.J.Faruq                     A.Bullick                                  0

T.Sikandar                   LBW                            A.Bullick                                  18

J.Norman                     LBW                            A.Bullick                                  1

C.Swainland   +            stpd.I.Hawtin                L.Ryan                                     25

S.Khalid                       LBW                            J.Phillips                                   22

D.Breeze                      bowled                         L.Ryan                                     10

A.Norman                    bowled                         L.Ryan                                     1

W.van der Maat           bowled                         L.Ryan                                     19

C.Lagana                     ct.I.Tew                       A.Bullick                                  21

M.Palmer                     not out                                                                          0

                        Extras:              lb-4, nb-2, w-2.                                               8

                        TOTAL             46.1  overs                 10  wickets                   144

f.o.w. 1-22,2-23,3-42,4-43,5-90,6-90,7-91,8-109,9-135,10-144.                                        

Bowling of Banbury

A.Bullick 16-10-22-5, E.Smith 2-0-9-0, J.Faruq 5-1-22-0, C.Haupt 4-1-16-0, J.Phillips 9-3-26-1, L.Ryan 10.1-1-45-4.

BARNT GREEN  V  BANBURY    –     SUN  24th MAY 09


Innings of Barnt Green

G.Shephard                  ct.I.Hawtin                   R.Brooks                                 17

A.Smith  +                    ct.I.Hawtin                   R.Brooks                                 0

S.Shephard                  C & B                          D.Sherazi                                 71

N.Newport                  C & B                          J.Phillips                                   45

D.Brown  *                  ct.E.Smith                     D.Shirazi                                  32

K.Rees                         ct.L.Ryan                     D.Shirazi                                  0

M.Ahmed                     bowled                         D.Shirazi                                  17

A.Sutton                       run out                                                                          12

S.Wheeler                    not out                                                                          2

N.Powell                      dnb

S.Jackson                     dnb     

                        Extras:              lb-2, w-13.                                                       15       

                        TOTAL               45  overs           8  wickets                           211


Bowling of Banbury

R.Brooks  7-1-23-2,  E.Smith  7-0-35-0,  J.Faruq  5-0-21-0,  J.Phillips  9-1-34-1,

L.Ryan  9-0-43-0,  D.Shirazi  6-0-39-4, C.Haupt  2-0-14-0.


Innings of Banbury

D.Shirazi                      LBW                            D.Brown                                  35

I.Tew                           not out                                                                          78

C.Haupt                       bowled                         K.Rees                                     10

S.Hole                          run out                                                                          5

S.Ali                             LBW                            D.Brown                                  44

L.Ryan                         not out                                                                          14

I.Hawtin  * +                dnb

R.Brooks                     dnb

J.Faruq                         dnb

E.Smith                        dnb

J.Phillips                       dnb

                        Extras:              b-1,lb-11, nb-2, w-16.                                     30

                        TOTAL             42.4  overs                 4  wickets                     216

f.o.w. 1-64,2-84,3-96,4-181.                                     

Bowling of Barnt Green

S.Wheeler 9-1-35-0, S.Jackson 5-1-24-0, D.Brown 9-0-26-2, N.Powell 8-0-45-0, K.Rees  6-0-38-1, G.Shephard 5.4-0-36-0.

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