Banbury Advertiser Cup – FINALS DAY this Sunday

There are 3 games of T20 cricket on at White Post Road starting at 10.30am during the Finals day of the Banbury Advertiser Cup.

The BBQ will be sizzling and the bar will be open all day as the cricket follows the schedule below:

10.30am: Semi Final 1 – Banbury 2nd XI vs Middleton Cheney

1.30pm: Semi Final 2 – Cropredy vs Horley

4.30pm: THE FINAL followed by presentation.

The rules of the competition are as follows:

#  20 over’s per side

# Only 2 fielders are allowed outside the 30 yard circle for
the first six over’s.

# Four fielders must be in the circle for the remainder of
the innings.

# 4 over’s maximum per bowler

# Front foot no balls will be penalized by a free-hit next
ball, the only way a batsman can be out is run out

# Each side must face a minimum of 5 overs to constitute a

# For a tied game, one golden over per team.

#Players must be current members of their club, overseas
players are not allowed to play, also if you have played first class or minor
county cricket in the last 3 years you are ineligible.

#Each team has 1 hour 15 minutes to complete their overs,
otherwise penalty runs and loss of overs batting second will  occur.

Thank you very much for supporting a competition with a lot
of heritage for Banbury Cricket. There will be a BBQ all day and the bar will
of course be open. Look forward to seeing you.

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