Youth Membership – Now OPEN!

I am pleased to announce that we are accepting applications for Youth Membership for all groups for the 2021 Season. 
I have created an online application form so if you would like to apply please enter your details using the online form found here:

We will have access to the main ground at White Post Road every Friday evening for youth training and are lucky to be supported by wealth of experience from coaches, manager, parents and current players.
The committee have decided to keep the fee’s for this year unchanged from the 2019 season at:
Multi-Skills –  Year 1/2    – Membership £45
Under 9’s   – Year 3/4    – Membership £65
Under 11’s – Year 5/6    – Membership £75
Under 13’s – Year 7/8    – Membership £75
Under 15’s – Year 9/10  – Membership £75
Under 17’s                     – Membership £75
Please note that there are couple of discounts available:
– If you have more than one child applying then you can apply the £10 sibling discount
– If you are a member of the Banbury CC 100 Club Draw, or would like to apply to join then there is an additional £10 discount.
If you have any membership queries then please email me on
Richard Badger
Youth Chairman
Banbury CC
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