“We don’t like the English” – Rugby World Cup Live at BCC, Saturday

“We don’t like the English” said France Coach, Marc Livremont
“…This insular country who always drape themselves in the national flag,
their hymns, their chants, their traditions.” These words were uttered before ‘this
insular country’ defeated the French 17-9 at Twickenham in February.

The re-match is set against a grander stage – the World Cup
Quarter Finals – And the action will be shown live at Banbury Cricket Club.


There will definitely be bacon rolls, coffee and an open
bar. There will probably be infringements, missed penalties and a miss-firing
lineout too. But a semi-final against Celtic opponents awaits (Also live at BCC
if we make it) and Jonny has to come good soon!

So, see you bright and early on Saturday morning!

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