REMINDER: Youth Cricket Back Tomorrow!

We are nearly there for the start of youth cricket for 2021 – I thought that I would just drop out a reminder to everyone – and also to let you know how to get in !!
There has been a lot of building work around the ground with the new housing development, and the club entrance has been moved. If you follow the new road you will see a turning on the left leading to a new car park for the school. This entrance splits and if you bear to the right it joins up with our driveway and this will take you up to the club. 
The session will start tomorrow at the following times:
Multi-Skills – I have moved the start time to six (in previous years we have started at 5:45) – I would expect this to go for an hour so finish at 7:00 ish
U9 – Start time 6:15 (one of the coaches works till 6:00 so this is the earliest we can start – I would expect this to finish around 7:30ish
U11/U13 – Start time 6:00 – I would expect this to finish around 7:30ish
Just so that you are aware we are not able to open the club house – apart from the toilets. We are looking at using the score box as an outside bar but this won’t be available this Friday; however we do hope to get this open as soon as we can. We are also unable to run the barbeque at present – we are continuing to keep this under review in line with ECB guidelines etc.
The key thing is that we operate safely and we can accurately monitor who has been at the club. We have marked out some spectator areas.  It is a legal requirement that we capture details of everyone who has been at the club.  Please ensure that your register via your phone at the QR codes placed around the ground.
I am organising the children into zones and each coach will have a paper register that they will take. A map of the club is attached to the email sent to all members signed up. Please can you direct your child to the designated area where they will be be met by their coach.
I will be around so if anyone would like to have chat then please come and find me. 
Richard Badger
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