Pimms’ with the President this Saturday

It’ll be Pimms’ o’clock at 4pm this Saturday at Banbury Cricket Club as President Barry invites all and sundry to join in a glass of the popular English Summer drink.

The second team will be doing battle with Great Tew and opening paceman Ross Freeman is excited about the prospect the two events, he said:

"I love an audience and I absolutely adore Pimms so I’ll really be running in and bowling quick to try and get this game wrapped up so I can have a glass or two"

President Barry Nicholls is hoping for a good turn out as the forecast is set fair for the big day. Barry who has shares in over 60 vineyards across Southern Europe is looking forward to the change of beverage, he quipped:

"I’m getting bored of Red Wine to be honest, so an afternoon on the Pimms will be more than welcome – a change is as good as a holiday I say!"

Right you are Barry!

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