Line Up Change at Summer Ball

Summer Ball organiser John Woodworth admitted to being ‘All Shook up’ by the late withdrawal of the 60’s and 70’s band booked for this year’s summer ball. Left with little time to organise a replacement the Lancastrian admitted ‘It’s Now or Never’.

John however didn’t ‘Surrender’ and in fact he did secretly mention that a potential replacement was ‘Always on my Mind’.

The performer John has acquired will remain a secret, but John did indicate that he had a long way to travel and would likely have to book a room in the ‘Heartbreak Hotel’.

The mystery ‘Guitar Man’ will play two sets in between performances from Jazz standards Trio, Mood Indigo, before eventually leaving the building some time after midnight.

John refused to be lured into revealing the identity of the new act so I guess we will all be left with ‘Suspicious Minds’.

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