Girls Help U17s to Seasons first Win

The U17s played and won their first game of the season with an 86 run win at Sanford on Monday night.The Sandford ground looked a picture and the large band of Banbury supporters were royally looked after as usual there.Batting first we scored 162-0,Kieron Scott 57n/o and Jack Briggs 75n/o in a superb batting performance indeed.In reply Sandford struggled to 76-9.The game was notable for manY reasons but surely the most pleasing was the performance of the three girls who all performed with distinction in the Banbury Ranks.Firstly Harriet Boland[daughter of legendary Banbury Rugby player Mark] bowled superbly and finished with the fantastic figures of 4-0-6-3. The other two girls were the Hills,Chloe and  Chloe! The first Chloe bowled 2 overs taking 1 for 3 and the second Chloe kept wicket superbly.The first Chloe Hill is the sister of 2nd team player Charlie and second Chloe is the daughter of 2nd team player Paul,are you still with me.The following dismissal is a statisticians dream .A. Hatz  Ct Chloe Hill[weeping wicket] bowled Chloe Hill  0.I hope its clear.The team performed brilliantly but the girls stood out and  did themselves  and the club proud with their outstanding performances.

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