Fantasy Cricket 2009

Fantasy Cricket 2009 is now up & running

Once again, both Sunday sides are involved as well as all four Saturday sides.

The rules of the Fantasy Cricket League are straightforward.
To enter, simply pick a team from the players list (available online or at the club) and submit your entry online, along with your payment of £20.00 (U16’s can pay 1/2 price and win half prizes)

You have £1500 to spend and you team can have any number of players.

Players are valued on projected number of points based on previous seasons (or a complete guess) and range from Craig Haupt at 500 to Mark Austin at 100!

Points are scored as follows: 1 pt a run, 20pts per wicket 10pts per catch, 15pts per stumping

join by clicking on the online window on the left hand side of the website or click here


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