ECB Media Release: ECB Chief Medical Officer to leave ECB in November 2006

The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) today confirmed that Dr Peter Gregory had given the Board notice of his resignation from his position as ECB Chief Medical Officer.  Dr Gregory will continue to work for the Board through to 15 November 2006 when the National Academy squad departs for Perth, Australia.

Dr Peter Gregory said, “Cricket is a passion of mine and I have very much enjoyed my time working with the ECB since November 2002 when I was appointed as their first Chief Medical Officer.  The role has grown substantially over that period and has now become a full-time position involving a great deal of time away from home, both during the winter and the summer. For a long time I have wanted to help in the developing world and I will now have an opportunity to volunteer my services to Transmission Partnerships, a charity which principally helps very poor communities in Romania.R21; 

Simon Timson, ECB Science & Medicine Manager, said, “We are very grateful to Peter for firmly establishing the role of ECB Chief Medical Officer and for his total commitment to the role and to supporting England cricket teams over a period of nearly 4 years.”

Dr Gregory will continue in his role as Chief Medical Officer up until mid November and will remain UK based during this time.  Dr Nick Peirce, English Institute of Sport East Midlands Lead Physician, will travel with the England Team to the ICC Champions Trophy. 

Kirk Russell will be the Team Physiotherapist for the ICC Champions Trophy and Ashes Test Series and Dean Conway will be the Team Physiotherapist for the ODI Series in Australia and for the World Cup. 

There will continue to be full-time massage therapy provision for the Team throughout the winter programme with Bob Bramah fulfilling this role for the ICC Champions Trophy and Mark Saxby undertaking the Australia and World Cup Tours.  ECB will confirm Team Doctor arrangements for the Ashes Tour and the recruitment arrangements for ECB Chief Medical Officer in due course.

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