Cricket Scorer Training

Interested in cricket scoring on a laptop and not sure where to start?Banbury Cricket Club have set up an example for anyone to try, so why not give it a go. Just install the free PCSPro app on your laptop, create a username and password. Apply for membership and scorer admin Banbury CC PlayCricket website, and you’re all set up.Next you need to download the match from Banbury PlayCricket onto your laptopThe match is all set up readyIt’s a HCPL trial match between Banbury and FinchampsteadSo download before you plan to try itOpen up your PCSPro scoring app.Login using your user name and passwordClick on File Start match from fixtureSite.  Banbury CCSelect 19th March Banbury CC Sunday v Finchampstead HCPL trial(I may have to change that date to keep it in the future for PlayCricket)Warning start date in future.  Continue  OKYou now have the game loadedCheck both teams are as team sheet First thing you should spot is Finchampstead only ten menCompare to team sheet and add missing player by Add PlayerStart scoringSelect Start as Local Scorer(please don’t live score I have others on this exercise)You get warning less than 12 players.  Yes continueNow it’s ready to score You can either continue orShut down by selecting X in top right hand corner and carry on at your convenience.Then when you open PCSPro next time (no need to log into PCSPro)it will open on this screen ready for you to carry on, first part of the exercise is the first 32 overs, up to when rain intervene.Now read attached pdf file and follow and input ball by ballDLS on  Cherwell challenge bit if you wish to continue got to Cherwell League website, admin, scorer, and there’s a link at bottom of pageContact Mick Warren ( notes/tips on input!

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