COUNTY CUP DRAW – 2007 – 1st Round

Thame v Aston Rowant                                                                         
Horspath v Tiddington
Wallingford v Henley                                                                              
East Oxford v Morris Motors
Tetsworth v Chalgrove                                                                           
Oxford & Bletchingdon v Kidlington
Oxford – bye

Great Tew v Sandford                                                                            
Kingston Bagpuize v Oxford Downs
Cropredy v Bicester & N Oxford                                                                
Cumnor v Long Hanborough
Shipton v Banbury                                                                                
Eynsham v Witney Mills
Challow – bye

Matches to be played on Tuesday 29th May.  In the case of inclement weather these may be played by mutual arrangement later in the week but no later than the Friday.

Oxfordshire KO Cup Rules

• Games will be a maximum of 20 overs a side, should start no later than 6.00 pm and both teams are to provide a non playing umpire and a scorer.
• There must be a 30 yd fielding restriction circle marked out using discs or whitener.
• No bowler may bowl more than 5 overs and 4 fielders plus the wicket keeper and bowler must be within the 30 yd circle when the ball is delivered.
• Umpires should be very strict in penalising wides, especially down the leg side.
• All players must be bonafide members of the club that they are representing.
• In the event of a match ending with equal scores the team losing the least wickets shall be the winner. If equal wickets have been lost then the team scoring the most runs after 19 overs shall be the winner. If still equal then the team scoring the most runs after the 18 overs shall be the winner and this formula will be repeated until a winner is found.
• If weather causes a late start 1 over will be lost per side every 7 minutes and 1 over per side every 7 minutes thereafter after the start time of 6.00 pm. The side batting second must receive 10 overs and the average run rate will then decide the winner. e.g. Side batting first scores 200 runs off of 20 overs and thus has an average run rate of 10 runs per over. The team batting second would have to score 101 runs off of 10 overs to win the game. In a rain affected game no bowler may bowl more than 25% of the overs available at the start of the innings but part overs are to be completed. e.g. 10 overs a side allows two bowlers to bowl 3 overs and 2 to bowl 2 overs.
• If the game cannot be completed (only because of bad weather) during the allotted 2 weeks the game will be decided by a bowl off using 5 bowlers bowling two balls each at a full set of stumps with bails , If  equal after this bowl off then 1 ball each alternately from the same 5 bowlers until one team misses or on the toss of a coin,.
• In the case of any disputes the competition secretary will adjudicate and his decision shall be final.



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