Busy Week Coming to an End with The Youth Presentation on Friday

What a fantastic week or so for Banbury Club Cricket, which will be completed this Friday when contractors come in to start the end of season work on the square. Following deep hole drilling on the square last autumn, we are having the square deep scarified and top dressed with eights tonnes of loam. Then the outfield will be over seeded. Similar work has already been completed at Ermont Way, White Post Road is being put to bed a little later due the MCCA National 4 day Final, which finished in a win for Berkshire.

White Post Road lived up to the billing, the ground looked a picture in the autumn sunshine, Jim’s stripped outfield, the wicket Sean produced had pace and bounce, which allowed Berkshire to score over 400 in their first innings, which Lincolnshire could not match, even batting twice, so Berkshire won by an innings.

A combination of hard work by the staff, with Sharon taking the lead with top class hospitaility, Wild View Events doing the catering and a raft of volunteers working from early Sunday morning, and continuing throughout the game, The Hart family raising over £300 on the bat raffle (thank On-Hand sports), Steveo on the BBQ, and epecailly Geoff and Brian acting as match managers on Monday and Tuesday ablely assisted by Steve Partington.

The very last event of the year is also this Friday with the youth presentation which starts at 6:30 all welcome, then staff and volunteers can take a bow and have well earned rest.

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