Banbury make it two wins on the bounce

BANBURY made it back-to-back wins in the Home Counties Premier League as they comfortably beat Reading at White Post Road.
Paul Taylor once again made a big impact as he continued his fine form with the ball. Taylor picked up three wickets in his first three overs as Banbury made early inroads into the Reading inning.

Reading were struggling at 12-4 but recovered to make 137. However, Banbury found the runs with ease to record their second successive win in division one.
SOURCE: Banbury Guardian

Banbury v Reading – Home Counties Premier League – Sat 14/06/08


D Barnes          L B W              b P Taylor        8

J Perkins          ct B Hector      b R Newhook  2

D Housego                              b P Taylor        0

D Barr             ct C Haupt       b P Taylor        0

H Le Roux       ct B Hector      b J Phillips        56

P Turks            ct I Hawtin       b J Phillips        16       

R Kirk                                      b P Taylor        17

L Beaven                                  b E Smith         5

J Beaven                                  b J Phillips        19

R Zaman          L B W              b R Newhook  8

D Hartley         not out                         0

Extras   6

Total    137 all out

Overs   53.2

Bowling: R Newhook 12-4-26-2, E Smith 14-4-24-1, P Taylor 14-3-28-4, C Haupt 4-0-12-0, J Phillips 8.2-0-37-3, J Noble 1-0-10-0.


S Hole             ct D Housego   b R Zaman       14

M Rorich          ct P Turks        b J Beaven       39

B Hector*        ct R Kirk          b J Beaven       52

C Haupt           not out                                      21

J Noble            not out                                      2

E Phillips          dnb                                         

I Hawtin+         dnb     

P Taylor           dnb

E Smith            dnb                                         

R Newhook     dnb

J Phillips           dnb

Extras   10

Total    138 – 3

Overs   34

Bowling: R Zaman 7-2-25-1, J Beaven 11-2-34-2, H Le Roux 6-0-23-0, D Hartley 4-0-27-0, L Beaven 6-2-26-0.



Result:        Banbury  25pts  Beat  Reading  4pts  By   7  wickets

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