2nd Sunday X1 v Swalcliffe

Although we lost by 100 runs the scorecard doesn’t reflect the hard effort everyone put in. But for a knock of 80 from their Bournemouth Premier League player (unfair against our kids maybe) and some unbelievable luck with edges not going to hand their score would have been a lot easier target to chase. All of the main strike bowlers had 7 or 8 overs each with Will Hicks taking 3 wickets & Tony Eve 2 scalps. We lost steady wickets throughout and there cause was aided by some very controversial umpire decisons (there I said it – hats off to Proccy & others for not saying anything) after one of their players swapped places with our own Nigel Lynes. A third of our score was extras but everyone contributed so well done boys. Unfortunately their scorer didn’t keep the bowling figures up to speed so only overs & wickets are recorded when we bowled. Thanks to John & Nigel for umpiring too.

Swalcliffe Innings

Batsman        How Out       Bowler        Score

J Ransom       Bowled         Iqbal               5

S Bull              Bowled         McClelland     9

P Moon           Bowled          Hicks            36

R House         Bowled          Eve               33

M Hone           Bowled          Eve               80

G Phillips         Bowled          Proctor          9

R West            Bowled          Hicks             0

D Kinnard        Not Out                                6 

R Jones           Ct Lynes        Hicks             5

S Ralph            Not Out                                7

DNB C Stanley

Extras                                                         29

Total for 8 wickets                                    219

Bowler            Overs      Wickets

A Iqbal                8               1

L McClelland       8               1

W Hicks              7               3

T Eve                  7               2

P Swinford         5               0

A Proctor           4                1

S Reynolds        1                0

Banbury Innings

Batsman        How Out       Bowler        Score 

T White          LBW              Moon             17

C Lynes         Bowled         Moon               9

S Reynolds    Bowled         Moon               0

M Ahmed       Bowled         Moon               0

A Iqbal           Caught          Moon               0

A Proctor       LBW             House              0

P Swinford    Bowled         House              9

W Hicks         Caught          House             10

M Austin        Ct Bull           Stanley             8

L McClelland  LBW              Moon               13

T Eve             Not Out                                   0

Extras                                                          41

Total All Out                                                119

Bowler            Overs      Runs   Wickets

M Hone             5               34         0

P Moon              8              12         6

House               3               12        3

Bull                    3                8         0

Stanley              3               11        1

Jones                1               17        0

G Phillips           1                 2         0

Ralph                 1                0         1

Result: Lost by 100 runs 

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